Wellness and Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Refresh your senses after a long and tiring travel and tour. As a traveller, you need tomaintain a certain level of fitness. What better way to stay fit than making a stop at any wellness and spa centre in Malaysia.

Malaysia is home to some of the top wellness and spas in the world with most of them located on hills and beach resorts, and city centres. According to a survey by Intelligent Spas, the number of spas in Malaysia has grown over 200% since 2002 with more than 170 spas operating in 2010. As a multi-racial and multi-cultural nation, Malaysia has at its disposal a huge range of traditional spa treatments handed down from generation to generation. The different ethnic groups offer different health treatments and spa reflective of Javanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions.  Among them are age-old Javanese beauty and wellness regimens, ancient Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology, acupressure and Shiatsu practices and many more.With trained masseuses and a menu of traditional herbs and fragrances, you are assured a pampering fit for royalty, while your body and mind relax and rejuvenate.You can choose from luxury spa, traditional spa, beach spa, jungle spa and fish spa.

Recommended Places to Visit:

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