Change your office suits and put on your dive suits. Get ready for a diving spectacular in Malaysia, known for having some of the world’s finest dive sites, including Sipadan Island, ranked No. 1 in the world by CNN.

Whether it is muck, macro or wreck diving, diving in Malaysia is one of the most thrilling adventures of all. For muck and macro diving, Mabul Island with its extensive colourful nudibranches, frog fishes, leaf fishes and pygmy seahorses makes it a prime dive site. Perhaps the closest thing to Titanic in Malaysia is wreck diving in Labuan, Aur Island, Mantanani Island, Layang-Layang Island and Lankayan Island where ancient ship wrecks provide great interest to explore the sites.

From school of hammerhead sharks, barracudas, leatherback turtles, to the bizarre frogfish and ghost pipefish, there is always something fascinating awaits your discovery when you dive in the incredible marine parks and islands. So dive and explore the treasures of the sea.

Recommended Places to Visit