Arts and Crafts Discovery

Be amazed at a contemporary art painting. Learn the skills of pewter knocking. Try your hands on batik painting. A visit to the art galleries and handicraft factories is an enriching experience. The arts and crafts of Malaysia are as colourful and rich as its multicultural background. From batik clothings, pottery to  pewterware and kite making, Malaysian artisans are able to express themselves with their artistry. Be enchanted by artist putting their final touch on the beautiful floral motifs of batik. Watch in amazement skillful hands transforming ceramics into beautiful pottery. Experience a dying folk art, the wayang kulit (shadow puppet) in Kelanran. Or go fly a traditional kite or watch how it is being made.

Apart from traditional arts and crafts, Malaysia’s contemporary art scene is turning heads and has been the conversation piece. Viewed as dynamic and relevant, works of art from Malaysian artists have been auctioned at record prices abroad, establishing visionary Malaysian artists as a force to be reckoned with.

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
  • Penang Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Cat Museum
  • National Art Gallery
  • National Textiles Museum