Canopy Walk

Capture the world below your feet. Watch birds and other wildlife in action. Feel the soft breeze tickling your skin. Conquer your fear of heights. Go for a canopy walk which has become one of the many exciting eco-adventures in Malaysia.

Canopy walkway provides an interesting avenue for you to discover nature in an uplifting way –  metres away above the ground. These canopy or treetop walkways are bridges linked up with platforms inside or around the trees. Malaysia has some of the most fascinating canopy walkways. Taman Negara’s 45 meters high and 510 meters long walkway is the longest canopy walk in the world. It allows visitors to see the world’s oldest rainforest in panoramic views. On the other hand, the 950 metre-long Tree Top Walk in the Sedim River Recreation Park in Kedah is the longest canopy walk of its kind (galvanized steel) in the world. The canopy walk in Danum Valley is one of the world’s most fascinating walkways, designed and engineered to be “tree friendly” without rigging any of the steel cables direct onto trees. Most canopy walks can be found in most national parks.

The most thrilling part of canopy walk is capturing rare wildlife appearing from their hiding spots. Among them are the Sumatran rhinoceros, orang utan, pygmy elephant, mouse deer, gibbon, macaque, proboscis monkey, langur, civet, Malayan tiger. Besides wildlife, canopy walk allows you to catch aerial views of rapids and streams and flora and fauna beyond your wildest imagination.

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Taman Negara
  • Sedim River Recreation Park
  • Danum Valley
  • Mount Mulu National Park
  • Lambir Hills National Park
  • Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
  • Rainforest Discovery Centre