Forget about the hassle and tussle of city life. Take part in Malaysia’s Homestay programme. Homestay is a great way to make friends, learn about Malaysia’s multi-racial culture, and have a taste of the kampung or village lifestyle. It is enjoyable, safe, and an affordable way to stay in Malaysia and at the same time, a chance to interact and experience village-style living first-hand. Live with the locals, eat with them, be part of their family and get to know the real Malaysia.

The villages involved in the Homestay programme are located within natural surroundings, from the beach to the fringe of the forests or countryside. Those who relish peace and tranquillity, Homestay is the perfect time to unwind and experience a host of village activities. Among them are home-cooking lessons, sampling of Malaysian cuisines, harvesting of local fruits, participating in traditional games and sports, such as kite flying, top-spinning, and congkak; cultural performances, a mock-wedding and more.In fact, Malaysia’s Homestay Experience Programme was the winner of the prestigious UNWTO Ulysses Award 2012 for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance.

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Homestay FeldaSemenchu
  • KampungPelegong Homestay Programme