When to Shop?

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 is the best time to shop!
Every day is a good day for shopping in Malaysia, not just during holidays, festivities and sale periods. This is because Malaysians love to shop and hardly need a reason to hit the malls and stores. It is so infectious that even tourists will spend some time stocking up their shopping cart during their stay here.

Shopping during the 3 annual big sales
The whole nation is celebrating Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and lots so activities are lined up to welcome tourists from the world over, including sales!
There will be three big sales organised by Tourism Malaysia:

1Malaysia GP Sale (Mac - April 2014)
1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (June - Sept 2014)
1Malaysia Year End Sale (16 Nov 2013 - 5 Jan 2014)

1Malaysia GP Sale  is held in conjunction with the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is the ideal time for tourists to enjoy the Formula 1 race and at the same time go for a shopping adventure. On the other hand, 1Malaysia Mega Sale Canival, the "mother of all sales" offers tourists a wide range of discounts, incentives and promotions across many services nationwide. 1Malaysia Year-End Sale is a grand shopping event that wraps up the year with a bang. Shoppers can expect an interesting line-up of fashion-related events, entertainment and nationwide shopping promotions. That’s not all! There will also be 1Malaysia Unified Sale by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Malaysia with the cooperation of the chambers of commerce and trade associations.

Shopping during festive sale periods
Malaysia is a nation of festivals and is among one of the few countries with the most number of public holidays in the world. Malaysia celebrates two types of public holidays - national and state holidays. The national holidays are celebrated all over in Malaysia and the state holidays are celebrated in certain states. Sales are normally held in conjunction with these national festivals, such as Hari Raya (Eid ul-Fitr), Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas Sales. These festivals may also coincide with the 3 annual big sales, 1Malaysia GP Sale, 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival and 1Malaysia Year-End Sale. 
This is the perfect time to shop for gifts for your loved ones to celebrate these festivals. Make them smile with a gift to express your appreciation.

Shopping during school holidays
The long school holidays are also a perfect time for shopping as many retailers will have sales and promotions, such as Back to School Sale and also sales that coincide with the national big sales. There are normally 3 terms of school holidays annually, including the longest one on end of the year. 

Shopping during special events
Malaysia is fast emerging as one of the most preferred business destinations in Southeast Asia. As such, many exciting events will be held during Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Among them are 1Malaysia International Shoe Festival, Malaysia International Furniture Fair, International Beauty Expo, Malaysia International Jewellery Fair and more. During these fairs and expos, there will be business trade exchange and sales activities. This is the time when industry players and consumers may take advantage of the offers and promotions.