River Surfing

Bring your surf board and head over to the river. Yes, river, not sea because tidal bore and river waves give you an opportunity to ride a long wave of joy. For surfer enthusiasts, river surfing is rare, daring, extreme and fun.

Batang Lupar River in Sri Aman features a unique natural phenomenon - tidal bore or “benak”.  The tidal bore here is recognised as one of the best in extreme sports and in the world. The tidal bore usually occurs on the 3rd and 18th days of the Chinese Lunar calendar and during this time boatmen and youths usually try to ride the gigantic five-foot waves that lash Sri Aman town's waterfront. The tidal bore is a high wave caused by the meeting of two tides or by a tide rushing up the narrow river estuary and the height of the tidal bore depends on the time of the year, weather and phase of the moon. This phenomenon is known to occur at 66 locations worldwide, three in Malaysia, including Sri Aman in Sarawak. Pesta Benak (Tidal Bore Carnival) in Sri Aman is one of the yearly activities in the Sarawak tourism calendar. It features exhibition, food fair, karaoke competition, culture and art performances and others. Join in the fun and hitch a ride with the longboats or just watch the boatman braving the waves and of course, go river surfing!

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Pesta Benak (Tidal Bore Festival) in Sri Aman