River Cruising

Relax and feel the tranquillity amidst nature. Catch wildlife in action with your binocular. River cruising is a perfect choice for nature lovers who want to view nature from a different perspective. With quite a huge number of rivers throughout Malaysia, tourists can traverse riverine homes and mangrove forests.

Glide beneath large overhanging trees with rustle of animals, the call of birds and look out for creatures below the surface. In Kuala Selangor and Sungai Lebam Wetlands, you can witness nature’s festival of lights. This is the place where millions of fireflies converge on mangrove trees along the river, turning it into a magical night of lights. In Sungai Kilim, Langkawi, you can watch eagles swoop down on the feed thrown into the river. In Taman Negara, you can watch monkeys, monitor lizards, kingfishers and buffaloes along the river. In Kinabatangan, Sabah, one of the longest river in Borneo, you can capture the endemic proboscis monkey, maroon langur and Borneon gibbon on camera. You can also find proboscis monkey in Klias Wetlands. For those who prefer history than nature, then a river cruise in Melaka River will pass by old villages, pre-colonial shophouses, historical buildings and landmarks.

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Kilim River Cruise, Langkawi
  • Melaka River Cruise
  • Sungai Lebam Wetlands
  • Kinabatangan River Cruise