Little India, Brickfields

Brickfields is many things to many people: a concentrated wedge of Indian culture; a bewildering smorgasbord of different worship houses; a haven of blind massage centres; the crossroads for commuters coming in from all parts of the country; a perfect study in contrasts. However you define it, one thing is evident - Brickfields is a vibrant community with a soul of its own. 

Brickfields has a rich history. It began as the centre of brick-making in the late 19th century and later developed as the nation’s main locomotive depot for the Malayan Railway during the colonial administration. Today, when you walk along the roads and alleys, the aroma of fragrant curries and popular Indian songs permeate the air.

In 2009, Little India was moved from the area surrounding Jalan Masjid India area to Brickfields in recognition of the township’s status as one of the pioneer Indian settlements in Kuala Lumpur and its potential as a centre for Indian culture. Brickfields is well-known as a religious hub with places of worship of different faiths. Among them are the Sri Lankan Hindu Temple, the Sri Kandaswamy Temple, the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, the Zion Lutheran Church, the St Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church, the Holy Rosary Church and Madrasathul Gouthiyyah Surau. Other interesting sites include the Vivekananda Ashram and The Temple of Fine Arts.