Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture)

Malaysia’s very own "Royal Albert Hall", the Istana Budaya is a source of national pride, and Asia's first theatre with sophisticated stage mechanism.

Built in 1995 on an area of 5.44 hectares with floor area of 21,000 sq.m., Istana Budaya is an architectural masterpiece itself. From the top, it looks like a traditional Moon Kite (Wau Bulan) and it also takes the form of the “sirih junjung” (a traditional arrangement of betel leaves used in Malay weddings and welcoming ceremonies), and is divided by function with its external architecture based on a traditional Malay house.

The main entrance to the theatre, Panggung Sari, symbolises  the main entrance to Balairong Seri Istana of the Malay Sultanate of a bygone era. A theatre lobby on the third floor resembles a "rebana ubi" – Malay traditional drum. The inside of the Panggung Sari, mirrors a palace in ancient times.

Panggung Sari seats 1,421 people with a further capacity for 796 people in Balai Sari Penghadapan on the first floor. The main Balai Sari accommodates 322 people on the second floor and 303 people in Balai Sari Peninjau on the third floor. The orchestra foyer could accommodate 98 people.

Istana Budaya is the venue for many international cultural and musical performances as well as concerts and ballet performances.

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