Kilim River Cruise, Langkawi

This is the place to feed the eagles and see them soaring and then, rushing to catch their food. Take a serene cruise on Kilim River, Langkawi and see nature at work. Pause a little as the tour operators stop at a special spot along the river. Then try feed the many eagles flocking at the spot. Whether it is the white-bellied fish eagle, brahminy kite and gigantic sea eagles, you will find it exciting and an unforgettable experience of your life.

After feeding the eagles, the boats will move downstream and soon, the Andaman Sea, located in the northern coast, comes into view as they exit the Kilim River through The Hole in the Wall. This is a famous passage so named after a narrow opening between formidable walls of limestone cliffs that connect the river to the open sea.

This narrow gap provides a sheltered area for a thriving fish farm and mooring for yachts. The farm adopts a very hands-on approach, encouraging visitors to hand-feed the multitude of marine life such as groupers, bat fish, blue spotted stingrays, lobsters, mantis prawns and snappers. Visitors can choose their own lunch or dinner directly from the 50-odd cages and have it cooked to order at the floating restaurant.

Kilim River is located at the Kilim Nature Park which covers an area of 100 square kilometers. The park features a beautiful mix of well protected green mangrove forests, isolated white beaches and blue lagoons. Along the trail, passing through calm winding rivers, you will be exposed to the wonders of the park's marine ecosystem, flora and fauna and its natural habitats.