Street Food Tasting

Sample Penang Assam Laksa, NasiKandar, Satay, Roti Canai, Char KoayTeow, HokkienMee, Rojak and many more. Rest assured you will ask for more.

After all, Malaysian street food has proven to be one of the best in the world with George Town earning high world rankings -  3rd in 2021 by Virtual Tourist, 12th in New York Times’ Frugal and Food Category in 2009, 7th (Penang Assam Laksa) in CNN’s World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods in 2011 and ranked among CNN Go’s Asia’s 10 Greatest Street Food Cities in 2012

It is often mentioned that to explore Malaysia is through its food. The culinary adventure will give tourists a deep insight into the lifestyles, cultures and traditions of Malaysians.Malaysia is truly a food paradise, offering a multi-flavour of street food which started long ago, evolved over the centuries, and varies from race to race and state to state. Malaysia’s past as a British trading depot brought together a rich mix of cultures, allowing Indian, Malay, Chinese, Thai, and Arab communities to assimilate, and the result is a unique array of street foods which is undisputedly Malaysian such as Assam Laksa and Rojak. Street foods can be found anywhere, in street stalls, restaurants, cafes, food courts and even in five-star restaurants in hotels.  Enjoy eating!

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • George Town
  • Jonker Walk
  • Petaling Street (Chinatown) Kuala Lumpur
  • PekanRabu, Kedah

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