Sailing and Cruising

Ride through the azure waves. Feel the breeze against you. Or just dine in cosy comfort of a cruise.

Sailing and cruising activities are fast gaining popularity in Malaysia. There are a growing number of charter yachts, marinas, and yacht clubs throughout Malaysia, as well as internationally recognised regattas such as the Monsoon Cup, the Raja Muda Regatta, and the Royal Langkawi Regatta.

This is the time when you can tighten the mainsail, tug on a halyard, hoist a spinnaker and let the tropical breeze take you to a new and thrilling destination. Malaysia situated between one and seven degrees north of the Equator enjoys mostly balmy weather all year round. During the monsoon seasons, visitors will find sailing exhilarating. The Straits of Malacca on the West Coast is the main route taken by yachters travelling from Australia to Thailand, Africa and Europe. The East Coast of the Peninsular is much quieter with many islands offering excellent places to moor, relax, scuba dive and stock up on essential requirements. East Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular as a stopover for boaters from distant shores. Those arriving in Sabah from the east can sail westward around the coast stopping at exciting destinations before continuing towards Peninsular.

Apart from it, you can join a cruise tour, dine and be entertained onboard by guest performers. Malaysia has some of the finest cruise liners that offer tours along Malaysian shores as well as international destinations. Whether it is sea, river or lake cruising, it is thrilling to watching dolphins, eagles and other wildlife along the journey.

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