Start a bonfire. Share quality moments together. Stay outdoor. Camping is a leisure activity and most often, it is held in national parks, mountain and beach sites. When picking a camping site, take note of the weather conditions. If the sites will be hit by heavy rain and even thunderstorm, it is best to choose another venue. Check with the relevant park authorities.

In certain areas, the weather may be hot and humid. So it is good to have tents with good ventilation. All enclosed-tents with seven-in groundsheets are not recommended as they condense air inside while cotton tents are heavy after absorbing water. Camping is fun and allows everyone to spend quality time, forging closer ties through singing, dancing and sharing and cooking of food together. 

Recommended Places to Visit:

  • Taman Negara
  • Endau Rompin National Park
  • LambirHills National Park
  • Bako National Park
  • Mount Mulu National Park
  • Similijau National Park