The Paddy Museum

The Paddy Museum in Kedah is the first of its kind in Malaysia, and the fourth to be opened in the world after Japan, Germany and the Philippines.

The unique architecture of the Paddy Museum resembles bushels of harvested rice stalks. Paddy motifs are repeated throughout the building, on staircase banisters, the museum gates and the fence surrounding it.

The museum showcases the paddy cultivation process in Malaysia and displays all kinds of tools and equipment which have been used in the industry over the years. Through beautiful murals, the artwork of 60 artists from North Korea, the history of paddy cultivation in Malaysia is immortalised.

This museum honours the history, culture and significance of paddy farming in Kedah, especially hardworking and simple paddy farmers, whose blood, sweat and toil have contributed immensely to the the rice industry in the country.