Sungai Lembing

Go for an exhilarating exploration of a deep mining tunnel. Be enchanted by the magical allure of a rainbow radiating at the cascading waterfall.

Sungai Lembing, a former mining town, has a rich history and natural beauty. It was once the world's second richest tin deposit and the biggest underground tin mine. Its shafts and subterranean tunnels reach depths of between 450 meters to 650 meters, reputedly the deepest in Southeast Asia. The mine has a complex of underground tunnels estimated to be some 322 kilometers long.

Sungai Lembing was, however, abandoned when tin prices fell sharply during the late sixties, resulting in its population leaving for greener pastures. Today, the town has been revived to boost tourism. The Sungai Lembing Mining Museum was recently built to archive the history of the once booming tin mining town

Catch sunset at Panorama Hill or head over to the Rainbow Waterfall where a rainbow is always guaranteed.

Discover Gua Charah, a cave formed by limestone and granite. Located at the bottom of Panching Hill, it is 1,000 metres high.

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