Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque in Johor is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia with its amazing combination of Western neo-classical and Islamic architecture. The mosque is a mix of architectural styles, but principally Victorian. It is said that the minarets look like British watch towers. It accommodates about 2,000 worshippers.

The mosque is strategically located on top of a hill on Jalan Abu Bakar, overlooking the Straits of Tebrau.The construction of the mosque marked the start of Johor's modernisation process in 1892 which was commissioned by the "Father of Modern Johor", the late Sultan Abu Bakar. It took eight years to build and was completed in 1900.

Today, the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is listed as a protected heritage monument by the Department of Museums and Antiquities.