Langkawi Cable Car

Feel the world below your feet. See eagles and birds passing by. Go flighty as the cloud. A ride on the Langkawi cable car sets you on a journey of discovery of nature from above. Capture the aeriel views of cascading waterfalls, dense verdant rainforests as well as Thailand towards the north and Indonesia towards the south-west in a 20-minute ride of Langkawi Cable Car that seems like riding on a red carpet of Aladdin.

The Langkawi Cable Car or Panorama Langkawi Cable Car officially opened in 2003 is one of the major attractions in Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. It provides an aerial link from near Burau Bay Resort at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machinchang, which is also the location of the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The total length is 2.2 kilometres. At 709 metres above sea level, the cable car ride up to Langkawi's second highest peak is truly an experience not to be missed.

The Base Station is located at the Oriental Village (at the foot hill of the Machincang mountain range). From the base, visitors will be taken up to the Machincang range via the Langkawi Cable Car on gondolas giving the visitors views of the surroundings forests, the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) waterfall as well as the sea.  

The Intermediate Station on the eastern ridges provides access to the eastern cliffs with its 3 vertical chimneys and the 360-degree views. The journey from the Base Station to Middle Station will cover 1,700 meters in length and upon reaching the Middle Station at an elevation of 650m above sea level, visitors will be able to alight and walk up to the viewing platforms.

The Top Station will take visitors to the two viewing platforms at the top of Gunung Machinchang.

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