Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir)

In Johor, Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir is shrouded in mystical legends and folklore. It continues to charm and intrigue locals and visitors alike.

According to the legend of the Princess of Gunung Ledang, the Sultan of Melaka wanted the Princess' hand in marriage but she, not wanting to marry him, demanded the Sultan for seven impossible conditions: A bridge of gold for her to walk to Malacca from the mountain, a bridge of silver for her to return (from Malacca) to the mountain, seven large clay jars of virgin's tears, seven large clay jars of betel nut juice, seven trays filled with hearts of fleas, seven trays filled with hearts of mosquitoes, and a bowl of the blood of the Sultan's young son. Unable to meet these impossible requests, the princess fled to the mountain and continues to live in a hidden cave, to this day.

The mountain is ideal for a myriad of outdoor activities with challenging mountain trails, icy waterfalls, and exotic flora and fauna, including many species of birds. At the relatively flat summit, which is 1,276 metres above sea level, a panoramic view of the Straits of Melaka and even the Sumatran coastline can been seen on a clear day. The Sagil Waterfall is a popular picnic spot at the base of the mountain.