Gok/Bau, Jeniang & Kampung Gading

Research carried out at Sungai Batu in Pahang uncovered a complete kiln, left with its base. The kiln that was discovered with its ‘tuyere’ at Kampung Gading in Jeniang also provides a rough pictorial image of kilns used at Sungai Batu. Sediments and traces of coal discovered in the kiln dates from the 4th century (1600 years ago) to the 12th century. Although the distance between Sungai Batu and Jeniang is 40 km apart, the iron/ore smelting industry flourished around the same time and spans on area of more than 1,000 sq feet. 

* Mud kilns with their tuyere found intact at Kampung Gading, Jeniang 40 km northeast of Sungai Batu.