Kelantan International Kite Fest

Kelantan International Kite Fest

28 - 31 May 2014 - Pantai Geting Tumpat, Kelantan.

Annual Kelantan state event.

(2013 statistics)

Drew 47 participants from 18 countries (Indonesia, Sweden, China, Brunei, France, Germany, Cambodia, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Nepal, Japan and India) and 119 local entries.

Competition categories :-

  1. National-level traditional kite-raising;
  2. National-level traditional kite art;
  3. National-level traditional kite construction and raising workshops (4 days);
  4. National-level Kite Open;
  5. PBT & National Clubs Kite Open;
  6. Government/Private/Clubs & International Open;
  7. Kelantan state University level traditional kite;
  8. Kelantan state Secondary School level traditional kite; and
  9. International level.