KL International Tattoo 2014

October 10, 2014 - Public Performances 
October 11, 2014 - Opening Ceremony & Public Performances
October 12, 2014 - Public Performances

Location: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Program Background

Kuala Lumpur International Tattoo 2014 is a major event in conjunction with the VMY 2014, enabling local and foreign tourists as well as Malaysians to see a special show featuring patriotism, spirit and agility with spectacular elements. This program has been held before in 2007.


This program consists of variety of safety forces and national defences’ team as well as international teams in one arena to highlight the greatness and uniqueness of the Tattoo by offering attractive shows with the mixture of local cultures.

Purpose of organization

• As an effort to place Malaysia in an international arena and to provide opportunities for tourists and Malaysians to gather to celebrate the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 .

• Featuring a number of creative performances of artistic, military, police, acrobatics, self-defense of the local uniformed on the Blue Ocean Strategy track.

• Bringing the uniform personnel and the defense of Malaysia closer to the people as well as providing opportunity to witness the international team in a more relaxed approach.

• Highlighting the diversity of Malaysia’s ethnic group arts and culture through the performances.

International Participants

• Brunei Darussalam
• India
• New Zealand
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Myanmar
• Indonesia
• United Kingdom
• Turkey
• South Korea
• South Africa

Local Participants

• Pasukan Wira Merah Kor Polis Tentera Di Raja
• Pancaragam Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
• Pancaragam Polis Di Raja Malaysia
• Pancaragam Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia
• Pancaragam Tentera Udara Di Raja Malaysia
• Kumpulan Kesenian pelbagai kaum di Malaysia


• Performances of the police and military: 
- War Dances
- Bag Pipes
- Brass Band
- Marching
- Military Demo
- Artilary Performances
- Acrobatic

• Fireworks Show
• Laser, Light and Music shows
• Arts and Culture performances
• Exhibitions

Website: http://www.mod.gov.my/en.html

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