International Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2014

International Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition 2014

11 - 12 June 2014, Cultural Activity Centre (CAC), International Islamic University Malaysia

The theme for the International Research Invention & Innovation Exhibition for 2014 (IRIIE 2014) is Socio-Digital Transformation for the Ummah. Digital technology amongst others is known to be disruptive, but on the other hand it has become the equalizer, leveling the playing field. It hastremendous impact to the production of knowledge and products in all domains of human life.

The transformation brought about by the interaction between society and digital technology is far reaching. It has created new milestones. Inventions such as Social Media and smartphone had been attributed to trigger and accelerate Arab Spring – a momentous change in the middle-east nations.
Therefore we should harness socio-digital transformation to make technology works for the human community thus making the world a better place – mercy to the worlds. The research community in general and the Ummah in particular must seize the opportunity to be the thought leaders, practitioners and early adopters of this inevitable transformation.

For this to be realized, the researchers and practitioners must be at the forefront in knowledge generation, inventing and innovating new products. IRIIE 2014 offers an exciting platform to showcase this noble effort and at the same time seeks to unlock the commercial potential of the research products.

Objectives of IRIIE 2014

• To provide an opportunity for researchers to interact and exchange ideas
• To provide an opportunity to exhibit research outputs at global level
• To promote international collaborative research
• To expose research products to potential investors and industry partners

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