The Cat Museum

The Cat Museum located in Kuching, Sarawak is operated by the Kuching North City Hall (DBKU). There are 2,000 exhibits, artefacts and car statues from all over the world. According to Malay and Chinese beliefs, the cat is a lucky animal.

The museum covers an area of 1,035.9 square metres on top of the hill called 'Bukit Siol' which stands 60 metres above the sea level and endowed with beautiful sceneries overlooking the beautiful city of Kuching.
The Cat Museum has four main galleries. The first gallery features Kuching's early history, cat stories from the Iban, Chinese and the Malay communities. The second displays a mummified cat from ancient Egypt, and also Nakahama Minoru’s cat painting collections. The third gallery has exhibits on the "five stages" of Cat life. The fourth gallery displays famous cat characters - Garfield collections, Hello Kitty Collections and also a Children's Corner.