Terengganu State Museum

Acclaimed as the largest museum in Southeast Asia, the Terengganu State Museum complex houses centuries old artefacts and artworks of the Terengganu community. Located on 27 hectares of land in Bukit Losong, Kuala Terengganu, the complexe itself is an impressive architectural feat, based on the designs of Terengganu's old palaces.

It comprises the Main Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Fisheries Museum, four traditional houses and botanic and herb gardens. The Main Museum is built on 16 concrete stilts with galleries showcasing textiles and weaving techniques, traditional weapons, crafts, historical, royal regalias, nature, petroleum development, Islamic arts, new generation and contemporary arts. At the main entrance of the main complex, lays the famous original "Batu Bersurat" (Inscribed Stone) of Terengganu.

Visitors can contact any of local travel agencies to arrange for Kuala Terengganu Town Tours which include visits to the State Museum. Alternatively, traditional boat cruises along the Terengganu River also stops by the State Museum.