Sam Poh Tong Temple

Sam Poh Tong is a famous cave temple located in Gunung Rapat, about 5km south of Ipoh. It is said to be the biggest cave temple in the country, and houses an impressive work of art with various statues of the Buddha spread among the stalactites and stalagmites.

The name Sam Poh Tong literally means "Cave of the Triple Gems" which refer to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Buddhism. According to legend, the cave was discovered in 1890 by a monk from China who was passing through Ipoh. He decided to make it his home and a place for meditation and remained there for 20 years until his death. Today, nuns and monks still occupy the Sam Poh Tong.

The present temple façade dates back to the 1950s and a steep climb of 246 steps will lead you to an open cave with an excellent view of Ipoh and its surroundings. Other attractions at the temple include a beautiful Japanese pond filled with carps and tortoises, which are a symbol of longevity.