Royal Belum Forest Reserve

Size does matter when it comes to nature. Four times the size of Singapore, and second only to Taman Negara, the Royal Belum Forest Reserve in Perak is one of the world’s oldest rainforests and Malaysia’s best kept secret.

Belum rainforest, located in the north of Malaysia along the border with Thailand, is an area estimated at 290.000 hectares in size. Close to 118,000 hectares has so far been converted into a state park known as the Royal Belum Forest Reserve.

The aim is to preserve this forest as a permanent nature reserve for research. Belum presents an incredible reservoir of animal life and lush vegetation. The precious rainforest is believed to be 130 million years old, which would make it older than the Amazon rainforest.

Belum is home to lots of endangered and unique wildlife species such as the Asiatic elephant, Sumatran rhino, the Malaysan tiger, the white handed gibbon, wild boars, the Malayan tapir, ther afflesia flower, and all 10 species of Hornbills. The presence of numerous salt licks provides health and well-being to the animals. They are also an important food source for special types of water birds and ducks.

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