Royal Abu Bakar Museum

This architectural wonder was completed in 1866 and commissioned by the late Sultan Abu Bakar. It is also known as the Grand Palace (Istana Besar Johor).

The colonial-style building was constructed by local artisans under the supervision of an European architect. The original furniture of the palace was made in England and ordered by the late Sultan Abu Bakar in 1866. The palace was renovated to become a museum in 1982 and was officially opened in 1990.

Housed within the museum are vast arrays of treasures, works of art, antiquities and furniture belonging to the Royal Family. The picture gallery features past and present rulers of the state and their consorts. There is also a large collection of their personal memorabilia, an impressive array of Orders, Decorations and Medals in the gallery.

Other rooms display silverware, crystalware, gold and silver jewellery, priceless vases, furniture, traditional Malay weapons, the State Regalia, a numismatic collection, silver trophies and other family treasures.

Visit the museum today for an interesting historical journey of Johor's famous royal family.