Putrajaya Botanical Garden (Taman Botani)

The biggest botanical garden in Malaysia, the Putrajaya Botanical Garden, covers an area of over 92 hectares. Located at the north of Precinct 1, the botanical garden serves as the national sanctuary for the plant taxonomy as well as an educational and research platform.

The park is divided into three areas - flowers, ornamental plants and preservation/research. It has more than 700 species of flowering plants, local plants as well as plants from the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions.

The Explorer's Trail with its Visitor's Interpretive Centre is the educational and information hub of the garden.

The Palm has more than 50 varieties of palm trees. Relax, enjoy or read a book here while fanned by the gentle breeze. The Sun Garden houses tropical flowers.

The Floral Garden has many varieties of plants from different regions of the world, including Africa, America and the Asia Pacific.