Monsopiad Cultural Village

This cultural village was built on a famous historical site in 1996 where the great and fearless Kadazan warrior Monsopiad used to live and roam about two centuries ago.

The Monsopiad Cultural Village was built and managed by the direct descendents of the Monsopiad and allows visitors to experience for themselves the wealth of the Kadazandusun culture and lifestyle. The House of Skulls with its collection of 42 human skulls from the headhunting era is one of the biggest attractions here. Try your hands at the blowpipe as well as the local rice wine and enjoy various cultural performances.

The Kotos Di Monsopiad (Monsopiad's Main House) is dedicated to the life and times of Monsopiad and his descendants. On display are ceramic jars, paddy grinders, bamboo items as well as the costume of Bobohizan Inai Bianti, a direct descendant of Monsopiad and a very senior high priestess.

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