Transform your children into doctors for a day. Let them play the roles just like grown-ups. The KidZania experience is about real-life experiences, empowering, inspiring and educating children through role-play. Known as an educational theme park for children, this 80,000 sq.ft theme park is the place to bring your kids for an adventure of a lifetime.

They will play in a replica of a real city in here, complete with shops, streets and buildings which are made and run by other children. First established in Mexico City in 1999, this award-winning theme park has since opened in eight cities worldwide including Monterrey, Tokyo, Dubai and Seoul. Malaysia is its latest home.

A place where children understand the world of grown-ups better by role-playing their ambition. Targeted at those aged 4 to 14, it has 60 “establishments” and offers 90 authentic role-playing activities, from surgeons and pilots to fashion models and hair stylists.

For toddlers aged 3 and below, there are also story-telling and puppet shows, games, colouring books and puzzles at the Urbano’s House.

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