Kellie's Castle

Kellie’s Castle, an icon of love, was built by Scottish Planter, William Kellie Smith for his wife, Agnes.

A long way from home, Kellie desired his new residence to be reminiscent of his home back in Scotland. The castle is perched on top of a hill in what used to be a rubber estate. William Kellie Smith was an interesting man who was popular with his south Indian workers. Kind at heart, he erected a Hindu shrine for his workers on the castle premise. As a token of appreciation, his workers erected a statue of Kellie complete with a white suit and hat.

Construction of this unique castle began in 1915. However, it came to an abrupt halt with Kellie's sudden death in 1926. The solitary castle, looks almost surreal among the wild plantations of Perak, it projects a strong personality and an aura of mystery. Recently, efforts have been made by the Perak State Government to rescue this magnificent structure from the encroaching foliage. Besides being haunted, the castle is believed to have hidden rooms and secret underground tunnels.

The road that leads to Kellie's Castle follows the terrains of the land in a dizzying, maze-like fashion, adding to the mystery and romance of the place.